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Water Jet Cutting machines
Water Jet Germany Private Limited manufactures complete CNC Water Jet cutting machines, which are highly productive with low downtime and can work continuously - 24 hours a day.  Water jet Germany Private Limited uses heavy duty steel frame system for the machine Gantry and the tank is made with high grade Stainless Steel. The guiding system is separated from the tank, thus avoiding any thermal stress on the guiding system due to heated up water in the tank. The machine movement is built on ball screws and LM guiding system for better accuracy.

Machine Sizes
Water Jet Germany Private Limited manufactures machines in the sizes varying from 1mx1m to 8mx3m machines. The most popular models being 3mx2m and 4mx2m which comes with single or multiple heads. We also provide customized machines to our clients based on their application and requirement. We have both 3 axis and 5 axis systems to cater to wide range of applications in various industries.
Model Movement in X axis Movement in Y axis
S 1010 1 m 1m
S 2010 2 m 1m
S 3015 3 m 1.5 m
S 3020 3 m 2 m
S 4020 4 m 2 m
S 4030 4 m 3 m
S 4040 4 m 4 m
S 2060 2 m 6 m
S 3060 3 m 6 m
S 4060 4 m 6 m
S 3080 3 m 8 m

All intermediary sizes can be manufactured.

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